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My discreet newsletter will teach you how to give any woman back-arching, spine-tingling, screaming orgasms. Click here to get it. You could be dealing with erectile dysfunction ED.

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Many men suffer from this condition- approximately 30 million men to be exact. When a man is aroused from sexual thoughts or direct stimulation, nerves and hormones work to cause the muscles in the penis to relax and the corpus cavernosum and spongiosum will fill with blood causing the shaft to get hard -- an erection. Another set of muscles cuts off the blood supply when the penis is erect to maintain its hardness.

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Bummer right? This loss of sensation leads to less pleasure, which leads to less mental stimulation, which eventually leads to a floppy cock and the cycle continues. Ok, so now you know the cause.

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Top definition. JesusWhy does this always happen to me? September 28, Coke Dick drugs.

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It tends to get too excited for its own good. It responds poorly to illicit substances. It can show up in a big way at inopportune times, while retreating from duty when you need it most.

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Picture this: you have the girl of your dreams laid out before you. Either way, not being able to get a boner when the time is right is beyond embarrassing. Vacation, anyone?

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Reflexogenic erections resulting from actual contactpsychogenic erections resulting from a fantasyand nocturnal erections that occur during the night. So many ways to get a boner! The "straight one" a straight erectionthe "Eiffel Tower" an erection with a wider shaft at the base than the topand the "baseball bat" an erection where the base is narrower than at the tip.

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Medication can effectively treat symptoms, but taking overall health seriously is critical. Maintaining good health by following a healthful lifestyle, and managing medical conditions before they cause irreversible damage, is the key to getting a solid erection and maintaining throughout life. Medications may be helpful for men with ED, but the best long-term approach is to manage the causes of ED and not simply treat the symptoms.

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Everything you need to know about erections from erection struggles to physical and mental tips. You may be unsurprised to learn that little has changed over the years when it comes to erections. In fact, this is probably only matched the pursuit of erectile greatness judging by the growing column inches on the subject.

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