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An unfortunate irony of depression treatment is that while depression can rob you of your desire for sex, some drugs commonly used to treat it can be just as bad, if not worse. Sexual side effects of antidepressants include low libido, erectile dysfunction, and difficulties with orgasm. Not all of these approaches will work for everyone, so it will likely take some trial-and-error to get your romantic life back to normal.

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She then began taking antidepressant medication. Her libido nosedived. She began struggling to orgasm, and sex with her husband of 10 years dwindled to one encounter every few months.

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Do lexicographers actually have sex? The meaning of life. And… That awesome feeling between sex and having to go pee.

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This Migraine Again content has been fact-checked by our editorial team to ensure the accuracy of epidemiological data cited for Migraine and related disorders. If you feel that this content is inaccurate, outdated or otherwise questionable, please contact us here. Posted by Editor's Pick Mar 7, 9.

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Sexual side effects are among the most common complaints about antidepressants. According to the U. Department of Health and Human Services, clinical depression affects 1 in 5 adults in the United States.

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Emma Kaywin, a Brooklyn-based sexual health writer and activist, is here to calm your nerves and answer your questions. Q: I was super depressed, so my doctor prescribed me an antidepressant. Is this something that could be happening because of my new medsor is something else wrong with me?

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The year-old needed two glasses of wine and a solid buzz to feel even remotely turned on. More often than not, intercourse was simply off the table. Weeks passed without the couple touching or kissing.

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For those of you dealing with mental health issues, having to choose between your wellbeing and your sex life on antidepressants can be a frustrating dilemma. Some people who take antidepressants report symptoms ranging from a slight numbing of sensation, to a loss of feeling entirely in the nipples and genitals. Some develop erectile dysfunction or anorgasmia, which means delayed, diminished or inability to reach orgasm. But the distinction is not so simple.

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I was sitting at my desk on one ordinary afternoon, when a trail of text messages popped up on my phone and caught my eye. Now to give you some context — this was in reference to a candid conversation I was recently having with two of my best girlfriends you know the type, the ones that you can talk to about anything and everything. My friend has recently started taking anti-depressants and, until this divine moment, was unable to orgasm.

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Unsurprisingly, nothing worked. As I entered my 20s, my frequent panic attacks and near-constant negative thoughts about myself were so overwhelming that I could barely get out of bed. I eventually reached the scariest, most dangerous stage of my depression when everything just turned into a gray, mind-numbing boredom. I spoke with my doctor, who recommended a combination of talk therapy and Zoloft.


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