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All rights reserved. Besides rosebay willowherb E. This handsome specimen grows up to 1.

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The body and head of the Large Hairy Armadillo are extensively armoured with thick bony plates, as is typical of all armadillos. The Large Hairy Armadillo is the largest representative of the genus Chaetophractus. They have hair that projects from the scales of the armour as well as a hairy underside.

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A tarantula is a common large hairy arachnid often considered a spider and often kept as an exotic pet. They terrify many people due to their huge hairy bodies and eight creepy legs. Tarantulas are known for their molting, in which they shed their external skeleton.

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Epilobium hirsutum is a flowering plant belonging to the willowherb genus Epilobium in the family Onagraceae. It is commonly known as the great willowherbgreat hairy willowherb or hairy willowherb. It is a tall, perennial plant, reaching up to 2 metres in height. The robust stems are profusely hairy with soft spreading hairs.

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Your engineers have the idea to build a large jet aircraft for the commercial market. Your company has virtually no presence in the commercial market and your earlier commercial attempts have been failures. Furthermore, your sales force reports that commercial airlines in both the United States and Europe have expressed little interest in the idea of a commercial jet from Boeing.

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These goals help align employees to work together more effectively. In contrast, Collins and Porras define a BHAG as "an audacious toyear goal to progress towards an envisioned future". A true BHAG is clear and compelling, serves as unifying focal point of effort, and acts as a clear catalyst for team spirit.

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BigHairyGoal is a mindmapping, brainstorming and progress tracking tool for creatives and software developers. It's build to be simple and effective to use, so you can just let go your flow of creativity. What is Big Hairy Goal?

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Yes, hair. Plant hairs, called trichomes, serve several purposes. They reduce transpiration, protect delicate tissue from sun or frost, capture moisture, and interfere with pest movement or feeding.

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Jim Collins says that in when he and his co-author, Jerry Porras, were writing the seminal book Built to Last, they debated what to call ambitious long-term goals that galvanize successful companies. How are companies that pursue BHAGs different from others? The power of the BHAG is that it gets you out of thinking too small.

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