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The most common behaviours rewarded with sex were helping around the home 38 per cent of women had rewarded their partner with sex for thisgiving the woman a gift or treat 34 per cent and looking after family members, including children 28 per cent. Cooking a meal 21 per centplaying taxi 19 per cent and letting the woman take a break from sex for a while were also frequently rewarded with intimacy. Meanwhile, men were most likely to reward their partners with sex for letting them watch sport on TV or in real life, with 35 per cent of men admitting to this.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Close Encounters.

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Girl 1: He got drunk and was being obnoxious. Girl 2: He forgot our 6 month anniversary. Girl 3: He got all annoyed when he saw Kevin called me.

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By Emma Waverman Jun 19, My husband is the better housekeeper. So, do I reward him with a quickie in the sack for tidying up the house?

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For generations, men and women have been attempting to control each others' behavior. Many people use controlling behavior to get their partner to do things their way. These negative behaviors might work.

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There must be a strong argument for this going by the sheer number of women who use sex to get their men do what they want. You scratch my back and I scratch your back, period! Cindy has used sex to get her boyfriend do what she wants on several occasions.

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By Deni Kirkova. When it comes to getting what you want out of a relationship, it would appear that women are the ones who know exactly how to play their cards. Two thirds of British women admit using sex to reward their partner for good behaviour, with helping around the home being the most common reason they will give their partner saucy payback, according to new research.

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One of the primary examples was a man doing housework and the woman rewarding him with sex, or using sex as the motivator for doing the housework to begin with assuming you both know what the end result of scrubbing those floors will be. We discuss things as equals. I dont think sex can really be a reward when its done often.

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I guess now I owe him a BJ! Why do I keep hearing women say stuff like this? Why do I keep seeing articles and silly videos about it everywhere?

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It was an overheard conversation at the nail salon that got me thinking about how so many spouses treat sex in marriage as a commodity rather than an act of love. In the conversation I overheard, at first, I thought they were talking about their children and allowances. They were followers of an age-old set of rules — believing that the person in control of sex is the one with the most power in the relationship — withhold sex as punishment and use sex as a reward, for good behavior. The problem with that approach is … sex is one of the ways spouses show love.


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