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Young Anthony Argo is receiving a beginner's lesson in machismo and how to get it from his father Joe, who is holding him under water until his lungs feel close to bursting. Joe Enni Fantastichini is a proud believer in the mantra "no pain, no gain", which puts him in the company of a lot of fathers who turn up on the screen. Father-son conflicts are a classic theme and those played out between Joe and Anthony Daniel Amalm follow a well-trodden path in their mingling of love, frustration and stubbornly misplaced egotism.

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A strong debut by TV helmer Shawn Seet, the pic features some high-quality fight scenes; it opened modestly on local release March Limited offshore bouts are possible and robust ancillary seems assured. A charismatic combo of good looks and talent, nightclub bouncer Anthony Argo Daniel Amalm is the toast of the Italian-Australian community after winning the national amateur middleweight title.

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: Two Fists, One Heart

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Cinema's first female filmmaker was a prolific international talent, but remains unknown. This brisk entertaining documentary addresses that problem. Australian director Claire McCarthy restores agency to the tragic heroine in this campy yet gorgeous adaptation, writes Mel Campbell. Ralph Fiennes' directs this Nureyev biopic with visceral vim, resisting the usual cliches about creativity and identity.

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Two Fists One Heart is a new family drama film from Australia, centered on the story of a young boxer. The film was released widely yesterday in theaters across Australia and to help promote the film, the producers have created a stand-alone site, Cut Your Own Scenewhere fans can download rushes of the film for free under a CC BY license. This means that footage from the film can be put to any use as long as the source is acknowledged and there is a link back to the official movie page.

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Joe wants Anthony to achieve the success in the ring that he was denied as a young man. When Anthony meets Kate played by the stunning Jessica Marais — from the television series Packed to the Raftershe begins to see his life — and the role violence — in a different light. Joe turns his back on his son.

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When psychology student Kate Jessica Marais enters Anthony's life after a chance late-night meeting, he begins to see his life, and the role of violence within it, in a different light. Matters come to a head when Joe meets another promising Sicilian boxer, Nico Mancini Rai Fazio - fresh out of prison and full of fire to succeed in the ring. It is only when Nico betrays Joe, and Anthony finally learns some painful truths about his father's past, that the rift between father and son is finally healed. Review by Andrew L.

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A chance meeting with a young Australian psychology student Kate, played by Jessica Marais Packed to the Raftershas Anthony questioning both the traditional ways of his father and his boxing career. Before long Anthony's mother, played by Rosemarie Lenzo, is desperately trying to hold the family together, only to no avail when Anthony leaves the ring and is kicked out from the family home. But the violent code of ethics that Anthony had been reared to is not so easily left behind; when he becomes involved in a street brawl, Kate ends the relationship.

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The remarkable authenticity of this film struck me forcefully. Set in Balga, an outer suburb of Perthit captures a working class immigrant ethos along with a palpable sense of the city of Perthespecially Northbridge, a rough inner-city suburb and the epicentre of its nightlife. Credibility is further enhanced by the fact that the film has been scripted by Rai Fazio, himself a Sicilian-Australian and a welterweight boxing champ who also plays Manchini. Put him opposite Amalm, who is a charismatic actor who happens to have boxing experience and you get boxing scenes that ring true.


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