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The Brotherhood of Evil is an evil organization bent on world domination led by The Brain and his associates Monsieur MallahMadame Rougeand General Immortusand are the main antagonists of Season 5. Their plan is to eliminate the Doom Patrol and take over the world. The Brotherhood of Evil has been attacking the universe for years and has been an old enemy of the The Doom Patrol.

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She is also one of the main antagonists of Season 5. Nothing is known of Madame Rouge's past before she joined the Brotherhood of Evil as their co-leader and master spy. As the most conventionally super-powered of the core Brotherhood, the Brain viewed Rouge as one of his most valuable agents and sent her out on special missions.

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Slade's single eye narrowed in amusement, moving from Blood to The Brain and the rest of the former Brotherhood of Evil's leadership and then finally to a tall, well-built man in a suit with long black hair and sharp, unearthly red eyes. Slade felt like a general surveying the ranks of an army months in the making that was finally complete, and he could hardly wait to let them loose on their shared enemy: the Teen Titans. I have a proposal for each of you, my friends: we must join our talents and strengths together, and use our combined might to utterly crush the Titans once and for all.

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With anime-inspired animation and great character development, the series became one of the most popular superhero shows on television. Featuring a main character line-up that included Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven, the show featured the teen superheroes fighting crime and dealing with adolescent and unique personal struggles. Raven, the half-demon daughter of Trigon, was prophesied to one day end the world.

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General Immortus is the leading tactical expert of the Brotherhood of Evil. He is another one of Beast Boy's arch-enemies. He is also one of the main antagonists of Season 5.

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The Brotherhood of Justice are a group of superheroes residing in the parallel universe of Jump City. They are heroic counterparts of the Brotherhood of Evil and their enemies are the Teen Tyrantsthe evil counterparts of the Teen Titans. Gemini, a member of the Brotherhood of Justice, is a member of the Teen Tyrants, but is actually spying on them.

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The Brotherhood of Evil first appeared in Doom Patrol v. The Brotherhood of Evil was founded by the enigmatic villain the Brain. In the beginning, the group's motivation was world domination.

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The Brotherhood of Evil is a group of various supervillains with the united goal of world domination. The Brotherhood and the Doom Patrol have clashed on numerous occasions in the past; the only instances recorded in the series involved a Black Hole Generator which could be opened and closed in any location of the Brotherhood's choice. Because of their frequent conflicts, the Brain and General Immortus were gradually able to analyze and predict the Doom Patrol's modus operandi, which was further benefited by Mento 's stubbornness and inherent drive to see a mission finished no matter what.

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The Brotherhood of Evil is an evil organization lead by The Brain. Their goal is simply world domination. The Doom Patrol stopped them again and again and again. Eventually, The Brain came to see the Doom Patrol as not as much of a threat as the new young heroes in the world.


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